The Dave & Jimmy Show

The Dave & Jimmy Show

For a CHR or Hot AC morning show that wins with women and young adults, look no further than THE DAVE & JIMMY SHOW. Dave & Jimmy have been dominating at the legendary WNCI since the early 90s, and their syndication efforts are about to explode.

Dave & Jimmy deliver relentless topicality, comedy and entertainment. When things happen, the guys are ON IT.

Plus, the format of the show is flexible... YOU program YOUR OWN music... Dave & Jimmy don't have regional accents or anything else that prevents them from belonging to your station. Dave & Jimmy cut local liners so often, it's like you get daily voice tracks as a bonus. They do promotions and giveaways so you don't have to.




Live/Pre-tape: Live

Show Structure: Full Show

Delivery: Satellite

Length: 3 Hours Daily

Format(s): CHR

Music: 6 songs (optional)

Daypart: Mornings

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