Nineball Radio Show Prep

Nineball Radio Show Prep

Nineball emerged on to the scene as a boutique show prep service in ‘05 - ‘06. Originating out of a basement in St. Paul, MN, it was a very underground service that was marketed exclusively by “word-of-mouth.' Word got out and over 10 years later Nineball is being used by some of the biggest shows in the business.

The mission of Nineball has always remained the same -- give them what they need and leave the rest out and package it in a way so it is easy to get to. That’s it.

It is a potent combination of click and play audio clips, gossip, offbeat news, bit ideas, topic starters, phone burners, hard news, interview booking and lifestyle stories. All edited and ready for air or share and placed in a very easy to navigate site.

Try it -- you will like it.

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