Bloomberg Money Minute

Bloomberg Money Minute
  • Network inventory: contact Donna Harrison
  • Window: M-F 6a-7p
  • Length: 1 minute (:20 & :50 past each hour)
  • Delivery: FTP or XDS


Daily Shortform Feature


On weekdays, this 60-second report combines compelling consumer and business news with a quick update of the markets. (:20 & :50 past every hour; replayed at :25 & :55 past). Reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange during trading hours.


On weekends, the reports shift to a focus on thought-provoking features known for their use of sound and production value. (:20 & :50 past every hour; replayed at :25 & :55 past)

Money Minute Weekday Report Sample
Money Minute Weekend Report Sample

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