Since 1990, Bitman has provided 25-35 pages of quality, usable, written prep for radio pros daily. Of course, you get all the hot topics, sports and celebrity gossip, plus jokes that are actually funny and you can really use! But, don’t take our word for it, contact us for a demo and listen to what our fans say...


"Bitman is a big part of the #1 (or #2 depending on the month) morning show in New York. Quick, concise, easy to read."

• Scott Shannon, WCBS-FM


I gotta tell you - this "Bitman" thing just ROCKS! How the hell you can put together such a ton of useable, interesting and funny stuff, EVERY day I dunno.

• Jerry from the "Jeff & Jer" Showgram in San Diego


Your sheet rocks hard, and always has.

• Woody Johnson, WCOL/Columbus


Sometimes (your jokes are) so damn funny, even though I’ve read them several times I still laugh when trying to do them.”  

• Heidi Knight, WFNL/Portland, Maine


Can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE Bitman! Bitman arrives in my e-mail daily and I rely on it…heavily! Can’t imagine life without it.

• Race Taylor, WPLJ/New York

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