Shoutouts on Demand

Shoutouts on Demand

Radio has always been about connecting with your community and bringing that energy to your airwaves. But how can you do that when last year the world stopped connecting at all?  Many of your station vans sit dormant in the same spot since early last year. The events, the remotes, the concerts, the festivals, the club gigs just stopped. But you still need that content, that connection to the community that your street teams used to gather for you diligently. We have a solution. 

Just tell us what you need and we will make it happen - Shoutouts on Demand offers CUSTOM listener-based comments:

  • Created specifically for your station and your market
  • Targeted messaging about your station, your city, and your talent
  • Build sweepers with diverse and meaningful content

Sample Script

Here's a montage of dry audio samples:

Finished Results:


Delivery: digital transfer via USRN Website

File form: MP3

Format(s): all

Demos: all

Access: six people per month

Content: half page of copy for each person


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