Kenny Loggins - The Real Thing

Kenny Loggins - The Real Thing

Anchoring Any Daypart You Need

Yes, award-winning music icon Kenny Loggins comes to radio!

In addition to being a prolific and popular hit-maker, Kenny Loggins is a great storyteller and one of the most charming, easy-going and relatable individuals around. 

Available now as voicetracks via FTP... you program your own music and clocks. Check out some sample audio below!

Track 1 Track 2
Track 3 Track 4
Track 5 Track 6 
Track 7 Track 8 
Track 9  Track 10
Track 11 Track 12
Track 13 Track 14
Track 15 Track 16
Track 17 Track 18
Track 19 Track 20
Track 21 Track 22


Produced Demo
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