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A proven track record on the air!

THE TOMMY AND KELLY SHOW brings a proven track record of major market success directly to your station. As "The Tommy Show," this pair of very real and very upbeat personalities created a wildly successful morning show at CBS Radio’s Hot AC powerhouse, WIAD ("Fresh-FM") in Washington, DC.    They did it by being energetic and positive and developing strong connections with their audience, their advertisers and with their community.

The Washington Post called their show "The Fun Table At A Wedding," and Tommy and Kelly can now deliver their unique brand of broadcasting just for you with a flexible format that allows you to schedule your own clocks and your own music. They have a friendly and unique take on current events... they do it with fun guests, authentic voices, and a healthy dose of the unexpected that will brighten any daypart on your station.

With their major market experience, Tommy and Kelly know what it takes to have a successful show, and they will make life as easy as possible for your local staff. They bring a track record in both the Hot AC and the Country formats, and they deliver a unique blend of social responsibility and community engagement and that has translated into a large and loyal social media following. 

Let the TOMMY AND KELLY SHOW work for you!

"Tommy and Kelly are incredibly talented, smart, funny, topical, relatable, and the hardest working show I’ve ever had in my career." - former WIAD Program Director Steve Davis

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