Wanna Bet?!

Wanna Bet?!

Wanna Bet?! with Tom Barton answers the call for credible sports wagering intelligence. As legalization of sports wagering sweeps the country, fans are scouring the media and web for more. More inside sports, more statistics, more analysis, more news and updates, more credibility.  To deliver "more," Tom’s personality drives the show to deliver engaging, world class entertainment and cater to the fan demands of sports talk with wagering intelligence baked into the broadcast. Featuring interviews with prominent sports figures, writers and wagering professionals like Jim McMahon, Vince Papale, Ryan Leaf, Bob Klaplisch, Gary Myers, Jane Leavy and Sports Book Directors like Jay Kornegay and Bert Osbourne, Wanna Bet?! never disappoints.  

Tom Barton is a sports analyst who has conducted sports programs on national radio stations, and helped build ESPN, the nation's premier sports network. He has been a fixture in Las Vegas radio for over 10 year as a sports talk host on Fox Sports. Tom is also a long time, proven & respected sports handicapper whom Gaming Today so aptly named, "The Honest Handicapper."

Mr. Barton was the first person to legally place a bet in the U.S. outside of Nevada, when he beat out the Governor of Delaware and others vying to be the first and bet on the New York Yankees to win the World Series.

From Sports Garten Network - your source for credible sports wagering intelligence.

Weekend Edition also available.


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