The Chubb Rock Show

The Chubb Rock Show

The Chubb Rock Show is four hours a day Monday thru Friday and offered to your radio stations in TWO formats:

  • The Chubb Rock Show Live morning show is fully produced delivered via satellite. A music intensive up-beat blend of UAC hits delivered with loads of celebrity guests, smart fun relatable content, and interactive features.
  • The Chubb Rock Show pretaped segments delivered via a digital transfer. Chubb Rock maintains a direct and personal relationship with radio audiences of all ages and these content segments can work in any daypart and between any music.

The Chubb Rock Show is hosted by Hip Hop icon Chubb Rock along with co-hosts Marvin Dixon, Robbie Ray, & Lady J. They can be heard doing their thing Monday thru Friday in markets across the country.

Sponsorable Benchmarks

  • The Chubb Rock "Throwback of the Day": A song chosen to enhance or contrast a topic, current event or celebrity birthday or action (Hr 1/ segment 3).
  • Ratchet News "Funk Dat": Off-beat social media reports with interstitial song and movie clips to enhance the presentation (airs twice daily, Hr 2/ segment 1 & Hr 4/ segment 4).
  • Musical History "Where'd They Get That From": Chubb Rock illuminates the origin, elements and samples used to create a hit UAC recurrent song; and also plays the original sampled song (Hr 2/ segment 4).
  • DJ Feel X's "Five Dolla and Change Mix": A daily fifteen-minute energetic all hit music mix (Hr 3/ segment 1).
  • "We Do That Too": The Chubb Rock Show closing segment with horoscope and birthday mentions, quick related POIs and a historical and inspirational AA fact summarized with Chubb saying, "We Do That Too".
  • "The Sports Report": Hosts Ed the Gemini, Marvin Dixon, DJ Frost, and Rob Swinga give their perspective on what's happening in the Sports World with Chubb's opinion.  This witty report is filled with fun, argumentative banter between the hosts. (Hr 3/ seg 3).


"The Chubb Rock Show is what radio needs right now. Airing mornings on WJUC-FM M-F 6am-10am. What I appreciate most about Chubb is his commitment to community. The show is funny and the energy among the cast is amazing... and [they’re] well versed. No matter how old you are, you WILL learn something new. Chubb always has fantastic ideas for promotions and [is] willing to do whatever it takes to make the station and The Chubb Rock Show better." Tisha Lee/ Program Director/ WJUC 107.3 The Juice

"It is an honor to have Chubb Rock, a Hip-Hop icon on our airwaves (Mon- Fri 3pm-7pm) His show is informative, creative and authentic. His topics are relevant and clearly he has his finger on the pulse of our community, always talking truth to power. We had multiple offers to fill the vacancy of the weekday 3pm-7pm slot which was held by Michael Baisden for the last 5 years. We chose the Chubb Rock Show because they earned our trust from holding down the morning slot and proved that his blend of educational conversation, music selections and entertaining content was just what our audience wanted.  In my opinion, after 30+ years in radio, I know that the Chubb Rock Show is on its way to be #1 in its time slot." -Sheila L. Brown/ Owner and Operator/ WUFO 1080am & Power 96.5/Buffalo, NY

"At Perry Broadcasting Company we are glad to have The Chubb Rock Show on our Urban AC stations. First and foremost, Chubb Rock is a star and has a recognizable name to the "NEW" Urban AC listener. Chubb and his team have been great to work with, and they are committed to making the show sound local and provides fun and entertaining topics for our listeners." -Kevin S. Perry/ Perry Publishing & Broadcasting Company, Inc. 


In the December 2020 Metro book, The Chubb Rock Show on WJUC Toledo Ohio is tied for #2 in the market for Men 18-34; up six places in the rankings; ahead of all other Urban stations, M-F 6a-10a.

In the Meridian DMA, Fall 2020 book, The Chubb Rock Show on WZKS-FM is #2 in the market for Persons 18-54 & 25-54, ahead of all other Urban stations (MF 3p-7p) with a 14.7 AQH Share of the DMA for Persons 25-54.

The Chubb Rock Show on WAKB-FM in Augusta, GA saw a market trend increase of over 200% for Women 25-54. M-F 2p-6p (Fall ‘19 to Fall ‘20).


Live/Pre-tape: Live and Pre-taped

Show Structure: Fully Produced and Segments

Delivery: Satellite/Digital Download-Mr. Master

Show Length: 4-5 Hours

Format(s): Urban AC

Music: Availability for 10-12 songs an hour

DayPart: Mornings, Middays, Afternoons

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